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[DF]- Tropical Paradise Rentals (Homes)

[DF]- Tropical Paradise Rentals (Homes)
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Would you like to get away from the kids, family and or others? Or, would you like to reside on a remote Island with your love one and or alone? DezMotion's Fashion Island presents you Tropical Paradise Rentals.

Upon arrival, you will find a shopping center, a club,
a beach, a pool area, bars,skating rink,vendor machines (food and beverages--some are free) as well as exotic animals. No worries. All my animals are harmless and or caged. Therefore, this is what makes this beautiful resort different from the rest in SL.


What's Included:

*Furniture (all rentals)
*Security (Orb)
*Privacy (High Divider Mesh Stone Walls)
* Smart TV (Adult Porn)
*Dance Remote Stands (Couple/singles)
*Ocean View (Accept for two of the small rentals--Sorry).

**Small rentals $L150 a week (200 prims) It has a massage bed, small fridge (gives a menu with drink choices) Jacuzzi, Sex bed, TV & Living room as well as 2 outdoor balconies.

**Large rentals $L350 a week (250 prims) It has a swing (single/couple), balcony, kitchen (single/couple animation--sex), bedroom (sex bed), bathroom (animated shower, toilet, sink for couples/single), animated kitchen furniture, living room furniture, closet, food pantry, grill, picnic table, cooler, jacuzzi & more...
Date: 2018-03-28 10:25:59

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