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Red Dragon Village in Tehama

Red Dragon Village in Tehama
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March 2007

The Red Dragon Village was the first place I accidentally landed in after flying too far during the flying lesson at Orientation Island, and then I had no idea how to get back, so I never finished all the lessons there. The Red Dragon Village in Tehama was one of the early builds of SL, going back to 2003, and beautifully designed by its owner and creator, Snakekiss Noir.

Besides her own home on the hill above the village, there is a store where she sells furniture, rugs, ceramics, screens, and art prints...many of the items created by her. The village centers around a traditional outdoor marketplace with the voices and sounds of an actual market.

To each side of the market are small buildings which those who don't own land in SL can rent at a very low cost. The land around the village, including a large park is nicely landscaped. From your rental you can hear the sounds of birds and insects, and the occasional ring of Japanese chimes. The stream plays very traditional Japanese music.

Snakekiss has information cards at various points around the village which are quite helpful to someone new to SL. Here is what she wrote in a notecard about the Red Dragon Village:

"Red Dragon Village was my pilot project for a Japanese new starter living community. I have spent nearly 3 years since 2003 making Tehama into a mostly Japanese-themed garden sim with a peaceful and much liked tranquil atmosphere and natural scenery, with profusion of trees, plants, bushes, flowers and plants by SL's top plant makers. We have forests, waterfalls, bridges and lakes and a variety of garden and land types and are proudly a SL Parks & Rec Service Member and chosen SL Parks Garden."

"Tehama is a peaceful, pleasant sim. We have no large high builds apart from the Tower and a splendid old castle, and no clubs, malls, huge signs, noisy or visually disturbing builds and a sense of tranquil integration where the whole sim almost looks like one large lovely garden."

"The only sounds you will hear are birds, insects, water and the occasional eastern or pleasant style radio stream on my lands. This is the home of Neo Japan Gardens, Neo Japan Store and Red Dragon Market and a haven for all those into the Japanese, Chinese, or eastern influenced life. You can buy most eastern items here, and also find many quiet places to sit, think and plan your SL projects."

"Red Dragon Village has been extended twice and now offers 10 small, but stylish Neo Japanese town house units which are designed to make a close and welcoming community situated in a well landscaped sim. They are ideal for artists, those interested in Japanese living, or anyone wanting a peaceful sim to live in that won't ever end up with a nightclub or shopping Mall next door, well not on my land anyway. Many people have started their SL homes here in these VERY cheap rental houses, and then moved on to land, or to larger rentals or with friends."

"You can create furniture here, and art, and add plants and pots and tubs, and decor items to personalize your home. You can stay as long as you want until you are ready to move home and maybe get a land plot, or larger house, or rental. Each house comes with some essential starter possessions from Neo Japan Store, a free modifiable futon bed, seats ..and other items if requested. "

Because I knew nothing about the rest of SL at this point, at first I just used this village as my home base to explore out from. The rental houses were very popular, so it was very hard to find one free, but I kept my eye open, and finally found one in mid-March 2007.

Update: After renting a house in Red Dragon Village for almost a year, sometime around Feb 2008, Snakekiss Noir sent notice to all the renters that she was forced to sell the land this village sits on, due to rising costs, and other problems, so the village completely disappeared from SL by the first of March 2008.

She still retained another build of hers..the snowy Japanese village of Silk Waters mountain, located in Orelle, and parts of the Verbier, and Ayas sims, and being the very thoughtful, kind, and generous landlord that she is, she did help find, or create rentals for those loyal long-time residents of Red Dragon Village who were losing their homes, and were interested in moving to Silk Water's Mountain.
Date: 2007-05-06 14:01:40

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